Can I come by the Hospital to see the art?

Please do. We are very proud of our new hospital and the art collection we have assembled. We invite everyone to stop by to personally view what you see here on line. However, we remind everyone that we are first and foremost a hospital. Although most of the art is in public spaces throughout the hospital, some pieces are in private treatment areas and are only viewable by patients and family.

What is the criterion for art to be considered for the collection?

Only art that is created by artists who live, or have lived, on the Island, either full or part time, or the subject of the art is of the Island, is considered for inclusion in the collection.

What is the process for consideration of art for the collection?

The Hospital has formed an Art Committee, Chaired by Edward Miller, to review and formally vote on any art under consideration for inclusion in the collection.

Is the Hospital only looking for wall art for the collection?

No, we are seeking Island art in any form; sculptures, carvings, weaving and models would all make excellent additions to the collection as long as we can find an appropriate setting in the hospital.

Does the Art Committee ever purchase art for the collection?

The short answer is no. The Hospital must understandably dedicate its finite resources to providing the highest quality health care to our community. We are very lucky to have such a talented and generous artist community.

If I have a piece of art that I would like to donate or see a piece that I would like to purchase for the collection, how do I go about having it considered by the Art Committee?

Erin Tilton, Director of Development is acting as the liason for the Art Committee. Please feel free to contact her and she will be happy to answer any questions and assist you through the submission process.

Can I make a donation to the Hospital to support the Art Committee's mission?

Yes, thank you! Although we only accept donated art for the collection, the hospital has numerous expenses associated with curating the collection such as framing, lighting, restoration and cabinetry for art placement. We are always in need of help to fund our presentation expenses. Please remember that in addition to helping us enhance the collection, all donations are tax deductable.

For more information contact:

Erin Tilton
Director of Development
(508) 693-4645