Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Annual Fund

June 2018

Dear Friends,

As the new President and CEO of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, I wanted to reach out with an update on what we’ve been doing over the last several months to strengthen and expand the services we provide to all our Island residents and visitors. There is much to report.

I’ve spent a lot of time meeting with groups and individuals to listen and learn about the issues that matter most to them. During my conversations, I have heard how deeply people care about our hospital. I am grateful for your trust and counsel in these matters and look forward to working together on finding solutions in this changing healthcare landscape, both nationally and locally.

With you as a partner, our commitment to delivering the best medical care possible to support our community will never waver. Every dollar you donate to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital stays right here, on the Island, supporting needs such as staff education, recruitment efforts, improved clinical equipment, facilities and building improvements, and unfunded care.

I want to thank our doctors, nurses and care teams who stand ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to assist anyone in need. This distinguished group of professionals is the heart and soul of our institution and it is a privilege to work side by side with them.

Together we have focused on increasing access to primary care, to ensure everyone who needs a primary care doctor has one. To that end, we have built up our practices to include four new nurse practitioners who can facilitate new patient assessments and follow up the individual’s care needs with their physician. One additional family practitioner has been recruited and will join our team this summer, and other impressive candidates are in the pipeline.

Our goal is to have no wait list for patients seeking a new provider by the end of the summer – we are well on our way!

We have advanced on important issues such as Substance Use Disorder, where we have collaborated with community partners to allow expedited access to treatment in a setting that will aid in recovery. We also are making progress recruiting specialists in Urology and Cardiology; we must meet the needs of our patients with the easiest access.

As you may know, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is an affiliate of Partners Healthcare, and this connects Islanders to some of the world’s most advanced medical resources at hospitals like Massachusetts General Hospital and others within the Partners Healthcare network. That said, this Island institution continues to be operated by and for the people of our home community.

Contributions from you can have an extraordinary impact – touching lives in need, inspiring achievement, and expanding access to state of the art healthcare. Please help us succeed by making a gift in support of our hospital.

Most Sincerely,

Denise M. Schepici – YOUR President & CEO Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

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