Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Annual Fund

November 2017

Dear Friends,  

“I have an accident-prone family,” I said as a member of the Islander Committee in 2006 when the hospital reached out to the Vineyard community in support of a new facility. “In a medical crisis there’s nothing like looking up and seeing the faces of people you know. We shouldn’t have to choose between the special kind of care Vineyarders provide Vineyarders or going to a more modern facility off-island. We can have state-of-the-art right here.”

I was right — if you are thinking about having a knee, hip, or shoulder replaced, look no further than our own superb (and state-of-the art) Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

Of course, before I made the decision, I heard a lot of “Why aren’t you going to Boston to have it done?”  As I said, the Islander Committee believed that if we built a better hospital, it would attract better doctors, and we could stay on the island for many procedures and have our families close by.

My excellent surgeon, Dr. Kevin Mabie, did an informational seminar about joint replacement a few weeks before my procedure which was attended by a hearty crowd. He gave us all a lot of very good information. A consummate professional, he gave me a grand new knee shortly thereafter. Patty French, Dr. Mabie’s nurse, prepared me mentally and physically for every twist and turn that could occur during the process.

I am very proud to say the hospital is a magnificent facility (also the finest art gallery on the island). I was treated to the finest nursing care ever; experienced, kind, competent, professional — all-around excellent. Thank you to Nina, Bea, Ann, Sandy, Chessly and all the terrific caregivers who supported me. And not to forget Peter, the physical terrorist (oh, I mean therapist), who arrives at your bed the day after and commands you to “Walk!” And walk you do, under his watchful and encouraging eye — I loved our walks in the fabulous roof garden.

I didn’t think my contribution could make much of a difference at that time. But I was wrong. Look at what we built! And so, may I humbly ask you to make your gift, of any size, at any time. I guarantee, it will be a meaningful one.  


V. Jaime Hamlin

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