Windemere’s Annual Fund

November 2017 

Dear Friends,

In my early years after moving here from the Boston area in 1984, I worked in accounting. I got my training and started at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital as a floor nurse, and now I’ve been director of nursing at Windemere for 16 years. Soon, I’ll be completing my training toward state licensure as the administrator at Windemere.

Back in nursing school, I remember telling myself I would never work in geriatrics. But then I came to Windemere and discovered that working with the elderly is a gift — there’s no other way to say it. You build relationships in long-term care that you don’t build in an acute care setting. Our residents have lived rich lives, and they have so many stories to tell. You never go home questioning whether your work matters.

Our work at Windemere, in a sense, does involve taking care of people who would rather not be here. But for most people who do move to Windemere, they find it’s not what they thought it would be. There’s a real effort here to create an individualized environment. Our message to residents is that we’re going to do everything we can to make this experience about what you need it to be.

Our challenge at Windemere is to create something that will bring our residents joy in the last years of their lives. In our efforts to do this, the people of the Island — the home community of our residents — are a huge source of support. We have a roster of more than eighty volunteers whose visits greatly enrich the lives of our residents. The incredible dedication of these volunteers testifies to the Island’s commitment to this facility.

As a nurse for decades, my job was to make sure the health of my patients was sound. Lately I’ve been polishing up my accounting skills because, as administrator, I’ll be on the management team watching over the financial health of Windemere. I feel the weight of that responsibility because I know Windemere is the only place that cares for our loved ones here in their home community, close to all the human connections that mean the most to them. 

Windemere provides a critical service, and we must not take it for granted. I urge you to be generous in response to this annual appeal letter, to ensure that Windemere can continue to do its caring work.

Yours sincerely,

Marie Zadeh, RN

Marie Zadeh and her husband Michael (Knight & Zadeh Builders) have been on the Vineyard since 1984. In training since March with Mathew Muratore, Windemere’s interim administrator, she expects to be serving as Windemere’s administrator this year. Says Mr. Muratore: “Marie is the best candidate I’ve trained. She knows Windemere, its staff, and its residents and their families very well. As an administrator, her accounting and finance background are a valuable set of skills.”

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 "You never go home questioning whether your work matters."