2016 Childbirth Education Schedule and Postpartum Restorative & Infant Yoga

Childbirth Education Schedule 2016

Cost for the 4 week series is $40 or $10 for each class attended.

Classes meet in the ICU Waiting Room located on the 2nd floor of the Hospital on Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm. To register please call the Maternity Department: 1-508-957-9330. Class size is limited to 6-7 couples.

Sign up soon for the next available series.

  • Series I January 6 – January 27
  • Series II February 17 – March 9
  • Series III April 6 – April 27
  • Series IV May 18 – June 8
  • Series V July 6 – July 27
  • Series VI August 24 – September 14
  • Series VII October 12 – November 2
  • Series VIII November 30 – December 21

2016 Postpartum Restorative & Infant Yoga $10.00 per class

Wednesday 10:00-noon in ICU Waiting room.

  • A unique opportunity for mothers and babies under one year to share a practice of yoga during the postpartum period.
  • Classes include pranayama or breathing techniques, asanas (helpful in healing physically and emotionally after birthing), infant yoga and massage and learning how to meditate to stay grounded and connected in the whirlwind of motherhood.

Childbirth Education Course Descriptions

Class One: Powerful in Birth

Women want to be powerful in birth and men want to know how to support her so she can have the birth experience she wants. This class is about obtaining skills and awareness so that you’re not blindsided by the unknowns of labor. Includes a discussion of what’s happening physically, how to cope with contractions and typical emotions felt by moms and dads during the birthing journey. This is a fun, active class covering massage, helpful positions in labor and second stage, and optimal fetal positioning, which can assist in a quicker, less painful experience.

Class Two: The dirty word, “Interventions”

Building on our first class, this class discusses the realities of birthing at Martha's Vineyard Hospital and in the US in general. Our goal is to not only educate but to decrease anxieties related to what could be waiting for you in your unique birthing journey. NO two birth stories are the same! There are plenty of non-medical, non-pharmacological interventions that partners and nurses provide as needed to women; these are introduced and explored as well. After participating in this class, moms and dads know more about what to expect from the staff here and about our standards of care.

Class Three: Newborn Care

Your baby is born with wisdom and intuition. Starting with this class, we will help you recognize the amazing talents of your newborn. The benefits of skin to skin contact and the first, magical hour of life is covered so you are aware of what to expect from your baby, as well as your own body. Families are not separated at Martha's Vineyard Hospital, therefore rooming in, safe sleeping and newborn procedures are introduced. Continuing from here, we discuss the first year post-partum including baby care, mother care, the twists and turns of being a new family and your new roles as mom and dad. You will be even more excited to meet your little one after this class!

Class Four: Breastfeeding

Every baby deserves breast milk. It is well known to be the healthiest way to feed, protect and bond with your baby. The milk is already in as you start making breast milk at 16 weeks of gestation! Discover the amazing benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies. You will be empowered and inspired by this class.