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Ethics Committee

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital's Ethics Committee is composed of representatives from the community, clergy, Hospital and medical staff and Hospital administration. We provide a confidential mechanism for the public and the Hospital staff to address medical-ethical issues of conflict as they relate to quality health care in our hospital. In our efforts up the Patients Rights and Organizational Ethics standard of the Joint Commission, we provide a forum to:

  • Educate patients and caregivers about medical ethics
  • Enhance mutual respect among individuals
  • Mediate disputes or misunderstandings

We are available to patients, patient’s families, and all medical care personnel to assist in:

  • The discussion of medical/ethical issues
  • The resolution of difficult ethical healthcare decisions
  • The understanding of complex ethical choices

All information, discussions, and advice are confidential for the protection of all individuals.

Please contact the Chief Quality Officer: 508-957-9551