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Patient Advocacy

Patient Satisfaction Hotline: 1-508-957-9497

At Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, our goal is to provide the best healthcare and medical service possible. Sometimes we exceed expectations. Every now and then, however, we may not meet our patients’ or families’ expectations. We want to learn from your experience, good or not so good. The Quality Improvement Office welcomes your compliments and concerns. We are also here to help you resolve a problem.

The Quality Improvement Office was created to provide a link between you and our Hospital's leaders. Patient Advocates have the authority to communicate your comments and concerns or to look into your complaint. If you have a complaint, we will work to resolve your problem in a neutral and non-threatening way.

Your Concerns are Important to Us

Most patients or families who are not satisfied with our service may hesitate to talk to us about their complaints because they may not know how or they may not think it will do any good. If you contact us, two things will happen. You will give us a chance to try to resolve your problem, and in solving your problem, we will also learn how to provide better service. The information that you provide is shared with our leadership. It is used to help us improve the care that we deliver. We value what you have to say and we welcome your call.

The Complaint Process

When you or your family contact the Quality Improvement Office, please be ready to share the following information:

  • The nature of your complaint
  • Your medical record number
  • The name(s) of the person(s) involved
  • The department in which the problem occurred
  • The date on which the problem occurred
  • Your ideas about how you would like us to help.

Our investigation will include:

  • Asking your permission to start the investigation
  • Talking with you and / or your family so that we know your concerns
  • Contacting and talking with the person(s) named in your complaint
  • Reviewing all appropriate documents, including your medical record, if necessary and,
  • Collaborating with you on a possible resolution.

In our continuing effort to improve the quality of care we provide, we ask our patients to complete a survey about their experience at Martha's Vineyard Hospital. This form is mailed to all patients. If you have not received a survey, and wish to contact us with your comments or suggestions click here