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Spiritual Support & Chapel

Being admitted to any hospital can bring stress and fear that can complicate the healing process. At Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, we understand that there can be many factors in the healing process and one is faith. Illness can shake our faith and bring forth difficult questions.

But illness can also emphasize one’s faith as we discover an inner strength and wisdom through the process of healing or learning to cope with a significant change in our health or that of a loved one.

It is our hope that the Hospital’s volunteer chaplains, all members of the Island Clergy Association, together with Hospital staff, can assist patients and their families through this time of change and uncertainty.

The Hospital’s chapel and chaplains are available to all, regardless of their religious affiliation. The on-call chaplain’s schedule and contact information are posted in the Hospital’s Chapel and chaplains can be reached by notifying your nurse, doctor or any member of the Hospital’s patient care staff.

The Chapel is open daily. It is located directly off the Lobby in the Annex Building and is available to patients and visitors of any faith.