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  • More convenience for you: Developed by Partners HealthCare, Partners Patient Gateway lets you manage your own health, so you can renew prescriptions, request referral authorizations for specialist appointments, and access quality health and wellness information - at your convenience.
  • More health information for your family: Patient Gateway is a medical resource with links to information for your medications, allergies, immunizations, and lab results.
  • More ways to manage your health: Patient Gateway provides an easy way to ask your care team basic, non-urgent questions using secure electronic messaging and to receive an answer without repeated calls.
  • More information from your doctor: Once you enroll, your doctors' offices will send information to you through Partners Patient Gateway (instead of calling you, unless that is necessary) such as test results, prescription renewal requests, appointment reminders/ changes, and even health questionnaires.

Patient Gateway - the convenient, efficient, and secure way to manage your health and communicate with your doctor's office.