Hospital Releases New Automated Appointment Confirmation System for Patients: TeleVox

In an effort to improve communication between patients and providers, the hospital is rolling out a new automatic appointment reminder system. Patients have been requesting a service to automate their appointment reminders both via text and call so they can easily keep up to date on appointment dates and times.

TeleVox is a service that bridges the communication gap often felt by both provider and patient. It will deliver a standardized confirmation message to patients by phone call or text message. Patients can then confirm, or request to cancel the appointment by responding to the message. Three days prior to a patients’ appointment, the reminder is sent. If TeleVox is unable to reach the patient the first time, then it will send out another reminder two days prior to the appointment.

The intuitive software categorizes patients by age and determines the best time of day to call. Patients over 70 years of age will receive a call between 10 am and 1 pm, while patients under 70 years of age will receive theirs between 6 pm and 8:30 pm. Text reminders are sent to all patients at 12 pm. Each patient is given 26 hours to confirm or cancel the appointment via text.

Patients will also be notified of openings on the wait list should someone cancel their appointment, therefore providing more opportunity for people hoping to see their physician sooner. This will accelerate the process of turning the cancellation into a new appointment for a patient on the wait list as it will be automated and therefore, immediate upon cancellation.

Patients will be able to opt-out of the reminders should they wish and they can choose the method of delivery for their reminder. Those without mobile phones will receive a call to their preferred number. The doctor’s number can appear on phones equipped with caller ID so that patients can recognize the caller.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is eager to soon have TeleVox in place as it will continue to ease communication efforts between patient and provider.