Physical Therapy

An interview with therapist Stephanie Pavao, MVH Rehabilitation & Welless

MV Hospital Annual Health Fair ’08

Overview of the 2008 MVH Health Fair

Committed to Quality Care

An interview with Dedie Wieler, MVH Quality Improvement

Childhood Immunization

An interview with Dave Caron, director of the MVH Pharmacy


An interview with Ken Chisholm, director of Windemere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

MV Hospital Annual Health Fair ’09

Overview of the 2009 MVH Health Fair

Surgical Services

An interview with Pieter Pil, M.D., MVH General Surgeon

Occupational Therapy

An interview with Jill Belcher, Occupational Therapist, MVH Rehabilitation & Wellness

MV Hospital Annual Health Fair ’10

Overview of the 2010 MVH Health Fair

Women’s Health & Wellness

An interview with Linda Stewart, M.D., MVH Obstetrics & Gynecology

Peripheral Arterial Disease

An interview with Peggy Ekholm, director of MVH Diagnostic Imaging

Immunize Martha’s Vineyard

A video to explain immunization and answer commonly asked questions about vaccines

Time Lapse Building Project

A video showing the construction progress for our most recent capital campaign