Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Board of Trustees Welcomes Julie Fay

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is pleased to announce Julie Fay has been elected to its board of trustees.


Ms. Fay brings with her more than four decades of experience in public and private human services with a focus on substance use and mental health for much of her career. As executive director of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, Ms. Fay has a keen understanding of the challenges our community faces. This unique perspective has already allowed Ms. Fay to use her expertise, in partnership with MVH, to help give Islanders priority access to detox services with Gosnold and Stanley Street Treatment and Resources, through our pilot program. 


Ms. Fay has a bachelor’s degree from Boston College in Philosophy and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University. The foundation of her education guided her professional direction. Her work at the Mentor Network for a combined total of 13 years as both the executive vice president and chief development officer, has enriched her understanding of local health and community-based services. Ms. Fay’s extensive and varied experience with Boston-area psychiatric hospitals, Department of Youth Services and Massachusetts Department of Mental Health as well as Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, create a valuable addition to our board and Hospital.


Denise Schepici, CEO of the Hospital states “Julie will fill an important niche on our Board as we begin to strengthen ties and collaborative efforts with the community and build upon the work that has already begun”.


Ms. Fay said “I am honored to be asked to serve on the board. I look forward to strengthening the bond and collaboration between Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.”